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Find everything you need under one roof at Witarist. Our experienced team of designers & developers are here to match your time zone to meet your business needs.

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About us | Your Business Our Developers

We Equip Leaders with Strategy and Vision to Create Extraordinary Results.

It’s not always easy to take an idea and turn it into a product, especially when you don’t have the right team. Whether you want a new website or are looking for an app developer, we at Witarist got you covered.
After you build your website or app, you need to take it to your customer, Witarist will take care of all your marketing needs. Powered by our team of designers, app developers, content writers, and digital marketers, we’ll provide you with everything you need to grow your business.
At Witarist, we know how difficult it is to find the right technical support people and teams for your business, so we take care of everything for you. The witarist team will take care of all your technical support needs and ensure that you always have someone you can turn to at any time of the day or week.
About us | Your Business Our Developers

Our Purpose

Every company wants to grow and be at the forefront of innovation, but staying updated with the latest technology while managing your business is challenging. The problem is that many companies lack the resources to access innovation because they don’t have the funds or expertise to bring them into their organisation.

Witarist is here to help. We offer a personalised touch by providing remote developers to focus on what you do best while we take care of your tech needs.

About us | Your Business Our Developers

Our Team

We’re a team passionate about creating technology that makes the world a better place. Our team members, spread across the country, offer IT staffing services for everything from web development to digital marking. We got you covered.

Some Brands We Work With

Here are some of the brands we’ve worked with over the years.

Pine Labs
In2 IT Technologies
Atul Parihar
Atul Parihar

Business Head at WitArist IT

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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the gap between talent acquisition and bench developers. We provide top-notch talent immediately. Get the best developer for your project in weeks, not months. So that you have total control over the development team and can track everything in real-time.

Our Vision

At Witarist, our primary focus is innovation. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology to provide maintainable, scalable and reusable code. We got you covered to bring your startup to the market, from development to marketing.

Why Witarist?

Core Values

Quality of life: We believe that people are more satisfied when working in an environment where they feel appreciated and recognized for their skills and achievements.

Responsibility: We believe that individuals and the company are obligated to each other.

Trust: We believe that trust is the foundation of any good relationship; without it, we cannot do our best work.

Respect: We believe that each person can bring something positive to our organisation.

About us | Your Business Our Developers

Let’s Make Things Happen

Given the explicit surge in demand for experienced and qualified resources, WitArist IT has developed a bridge to fill this immediate gap of help hires across relevant technologies.

Atul Parihar

Witarist, CEO

Business Head- WitArist IT
Business Head- WitArist IT

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